Every business needs a good website. This is your face to the world. So why is hosting so important?

Firstly if your website is not up or takes 10 seconds to load – you have lost a customer – that’s a definite.
Load time is so important – a fast website which has a better user experience gives a better impression of the company and generally maintains customers on the site for longer.
Down time or an unavailable website is a huge issue. People immediately move onto the next site – they don’t have time to wait around or come back later. You will lose customers, lose their trust and potential revenue. You as a customer trying to run your business should not be worrying about your website, especially not whether it is up and running smoothly. You need to find a developer who is passionate about what they do and really cares about their clients. At Clicks Count we monitor ever single website we host. We get alerts the minute the website goes down – we then get straight on to investigating the problem, and we notify you of the issue and that is resolved, not the other way round. We also monitor attacks and IPs being locked out of your site. We can then take the necessary measures to protect your site and constantly improve security. Security also includes having a valid SSL certificate. This gives customers peace of mind when browsing or shopping on your website. At Clicks Count there are no additional costs for this facility. We feel its vital for our customers and comes as part of the deal.

Support from your hosting company is vital. They need to answer the phone 7 days a week, they need a good response time. You cant afford to be “number 500 in the queue and your call is important to us” – no ways. At Clicks Count you have a cellphone number to contact us 7 days a week. You are in the front of the queue, and your site is important to us.
Backups – the word that leaves a deafening silence on the phone when I ask new clients enquiring if they had a backup. We offer 25 days of backups, done in the early hours of the morning, so you can contact us anytime to roll your website back a few days. There is no additional cost for this. It’s what we do.
Costs – everything comes down to costs and value for money. There are a lot of hosting companies that offer you hosting for R39/month or something cheap. you get what you pay for I guess. The average hosting is around R99/m. We offer this as one option, but our prefered option is as follows:
R199/month which includes all this:

    1. Hosting your site up to 5000mb in size
    2. Up to 10 email addresses hosted
    3. 25 days of backups
    4. Website uptime monitored 24 hours a day
    5. Website support 7 days a week
    6. Updates to your WordPress files monthly
    7. Updates to your Theme files monthly
    8. Updates to all your plugins monthly
    9. Security alert monitoring
    10. Our server is an Intel Xeon Quad Core 3.2GHz, 16 GB ECC RAM with 1 TB SSD
    11. We guarantee 99.9% uptime
    12. Use Linux software platform
    13. Software RAID 1v
    14. Webmail with spam filtering
    15. Firewall protection

Make sure your website is being looked after by the best. If you have any questions on what you have read please be in touch – we would be happy to help you compare what we offer to what you are getting.