About the Client

Coffee anthropology describes the cultural space that is created when diverse people and beautiful space come together with delicious food and exquisite coffee. It’s this ethos that underpins all that we do.

At folk cafe quality and ethics are the core of our offering. So why are we different?

All of the eggs and chicken used in our meals are free range. Our beef burger patties are hand made with grass fed beef. We use only recyclable and biodegradable packaging in store. We support local producers wherever we can. Our coffee roastery sources green beans from free trade and rainforest alliance registered suppliers. We bake all of our pastries and cakes ourselves . Our bar boasts wine, beer & gin from some of the best local producers. We use 100% virgin olive oil

We focus on general health and balance in recipe development and aim to minimise unnecessary fats, salt, flavourants, colourants and preservatives

Our Involvement

E-Commerce Development
Hosting of their Website
Design Work
Maintenance monthly

Clicks Count, has been an amazing asset to our business. They were quickly able to understand our industry and get our message across without the need for hours of meetings. As our business grows into the online world we will continue our partnership with Kate and her team. As we have done many times already, we will highly recommend Clicks Count to all. 
Laurence Heald

Owner, Folk Cafe