About the Client

Ultimate Dining Experience like no other. Our modern fusion cuisine

We take our food and ingredients extremely seriously and we respect the source. We make all our home meals right from scratch in the La Cuccina kitchen. We only buy raw ingredients and present food we would want to eat ourselves. We don’t use colourants or preservatives and we don’t freeze or refrigerate for long periods. We want our food to promote health whilst keeping our sense of tradition and originality.

Although many of our home meals can be frozen, (helpful to remember for busy moms and dads, as well as singles) we make them fresh every day and provide them chilled. You decide whether to eat today or freeze for another day. Our sell by and best before dates are your guarantee of their freshness. We buy mostly local produce, very often organic and/or free range.

We cook to feed, nourish and to share, applying the same care and love that you would at home when cooking for your family and friends. You’ll be surprised at the great value our convenient meals represent, not only when you taste them, but also when you consider cost of ingredients, and the time saved in not having to prepare and cook yourself. All prepared by hand with the finest, freshest ingredients.

From the classics to home style meals with a twist you’ll love our wide range of delicious, wholesome, restaurant quality meals. Perfect for those days when you don’t have time, or just don’t feel like cooking yourself – and you’re looking for food made with love rather than store bought ready meals or takeaways.

Our Involvement

Initial Website
E-Commerce Development
Hosting of their Website
Maintenance monthly

Kate is an exceptionally dedicated and accomplished business owner,it not often that you find a person that understands the nuances of ecommerce and quickly applies that sound understanding of this sale platform.

When I needed our business to become an ecommerce platform prior to Coivd-19 Kate delivered on all fronts and made all our previous developers amateur in comparison.

The main difference between her and other developers is her work ethic,her sense of ownership and above all her innate understanding of ecommerce.

I love working with her and would recommend her to anyone that needs a star on their team.

Ian Gersowsky

Owner, La Cuccina