About the Client


In these turbulent times, we acknowledge that steering your brand in the right direction and maintaining that focus is more difficult than ever.

Many marketers follow the needle and are magnetically drawn to “North”
North is easy. North is safe. But only a sea of sameness comes from just heading North.

Great marketers understand that sticking to the plan and compensating for the variance is key, no matter how slight that might be or how often one might need to pivot.

Plotting the path to True North is a journey that many may start, but few finish.
If it were easy, everyone would do it.

Our Involvement

Custom Development

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Kate and the team at Clicks Count who have assisted us in overhauling our website for this years awards competition.
They turned the site around on a tight deadline and have been super-helpful in assisting us make some final tweaks.  It’s great to have a developer that’s approachable and goes out of their way to make sure you are confident with picking up where they leave off.  Send Kate and Faye your business – you’ll be happy with the result! 

Paul Martin

Marketing Achievement Awards